£0 of £0 credit available

I opened an account and it took a fair while to get through onboarding, 2-3 days, including submitting my ID verification twice.

That all is sorted and I have gone through the T&C’s etc I attempted to make a small purchase with my virtual card and the payment was declined. My Tymit app shows I have that I have available credit £0 of £0, however I have been assigned a credit limit in my T&C’s.

Can anyone advise if I’ve missed something.

Hi @starfang, I’m really sorry to hear that you have had to experience this, it definitely isn’t within Tymit standards. Rest assured that we’re across this and our team have emailed you directly to share clearer timelines of when you can expect an update.

I was assured I would receive communication from you today between 12-4, this time has passed and I have received no communication. Can I get a follow up please.