3 instalments are now interest free!

Hi Tymit Community,

We’re excited to share that in addition to not charging interest on purchases paid in full at the end of each month, we’ve now made 3 month instalment plans interest free!

Existing customers who have 3 month plans in place, will have to reset the plan to 0 and back to 3 to update the to 0%. Any new 3 month plans setup, will automatically carry 0% APR without needing to update the app.


Excellent - just in time for my home and car insurance renewals :slight_smile:

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That’s cause for celebration! :partying_face: Time to upgrade me phone :iphone:

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That’s actually a really good USP for this card!

(Wish I had know this yeaterday when purchasing my new jeans :sob:)

This is the sort of thing that will persuade me to use the card. I have a high APR so the idea of spreading the cost at 20% APR was just too much for me, but I will be using the 3 month instalments.

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