4 months interest free

Notice that PayPal credit are offering 4 months interest free compared to the 3 months interest free that Tymit do. Also no minimum payment required until the due date where you need to pay in full.

Would be cool to see the limit on Tymit moved from 3 months to 4 months to compete.

But with PayPal it’s not accepted as widely like a credit card is. Nor can you use it in person.

Tymit’s not the sort of card I’d choose to use in person really, it’s a ‘big purchase’ card due to the payment plan tools.

And if you’re shopping online like we all are at the moment PayPal is pretty much the widest accepted payment method online, other than Amazon.

Have you tried using PayPal Credit? - Tried numerous times, each time “This transaction doesn’t qualify for PayPal Credit”

That’s big, medium & little transactions. Utterly pointless!

However, consider Amazon, regularly allow 5 months interest free to Prime members…

Tymit is still far superior in terms of control. I believe PayPal Credit also performs a credit check each time, so not ideal. I used to have a PayPal Debit Card for business use, was brilliant. Not sure why they never rolled that out to regular subscribers. Not sure they’re even available now to businesses, I think they were discontinued, maybe.

I was never approved for PayPal credit either. And they seem to do it on purchase by purchase basis. Rather than open a credit line.

I don’t see the two as competitors. I see Tymit and Klarna more alike. Aka instalment plans.

PayPal credit seems kind of like a payday loan to me.

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PayPal approved me after a while, it seems to add a new credit payment method to your account that you can use for any payments with a payment limit just like any other card. Think it’s a one-off check/approval.