A complaint that just doesn’t get responded to

Getting any contact from Tymit has been hard during my relationship with them.

I did lodge a formal complaint that is now overdue and despite me putting in four cases and leaving one voicemail. No response. In fact l am better talking to a stone wall.

I have just beautifully crafted an email to the Tymit CEO interestingly about immediately bounced back. It really saddens me when a leader of a consumer offer apparently does not except emails from consumers of his product.

I really don’t want to go to the Financial Ombudsman or anyone else, because previously agreed some good resolutions with Clare.

Any ideas from anyone. Or do l just give up on this business.

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It’s hard to say given we do not know what your complaint is about but I would read much into the email bounce back. CEOs are busy people and companies have teams and senior management to deal with complaints.

Where I work, we actively screen out emails to the CEO.

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This is true and l am being a little cheeky using this community to reach out to Tymit (the business) via this community. But many emails, and a few voicemails are not doing much.

CEOs are very busy people absolutely accept that. I accept that CEOs filter emails. My ex- CEO (one of the biggest brands in the U.K) has a sneaky habit of reading emails from customers. I would kind of hope a consumer start up may do the same. Anyway let’s see l may be surprised -
but thank you for your reply.

Hi @jay, sorry to hear about your experience having your complaint dealt with. I’m going to check in with the team about this for you.

One lapsed extension by Tymit - and my complaint is still unanswered. I have even suggested an alternative approach to arriving at a consensus. Please can you help again…….

Hi @jay , have flagged this to the team. They should be in touch soon

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