A few quirks I've noticed

  1. When going to the “Choose plan” screen, I’ve noticed that it is sometimes defaulted to 1 month, sometimes 3 months and sometimes 6 months. I’ve tried it a few times to make sure it’s not just me tapping the screen by mistake. It’s definitely a thing. Is there some logic in the app for the period it defaults to? I’d like to set it to three months.

  2. 3DS is pretty unreliable. App often hangs when I tap to confirm a payment and I have to reopen, then it works. Is there any reason Tymit doesn’t allow SMS as an alternative method?

  3. Pay at pump preauthorises £120 these days. It’s not clear on the transaction feed that it’s a pending/authorisation charge. And when it doesn’t clear, it just disappears from the feed, which is confusing too. Why is there no distinction between pending and final transactions, like many other credit cards?