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Tymit Booster Essentials:

  1. The best credit-building fintech product in the UK. Tymit made any other loan-based credit-builder product obsolete and useless with the Booster secure credit card.
  2. It is an actual credit card.
  3. It is not a “pre-paid card” !!!
  4. You have the flexibility to set your credit limit with a security deposit.
  5. Your statement balance is NOT deducted from your security deposit. You have to pay the balance as you would with any other credit card.
  6. You can now set up a direct debit for your statement balance payments. You really should.
  7. Never miss a payment as it will negatively affect your credit history. Setting up your direct debit and ensuring you have enough to cover the bill will help.
  8. Credit referencing agencies do not like to see you maxing out on credit cards. If this is your only card, ensure your usage is not more than 30%. Set your security deposit accordingly. If you want to spend £300 per month, then put in a £1000 deposit.
  9. You can take back your security deposit anytime (I tested it, it was instant).
  10. Reducing your security deposit may negatively affect your credit report as the available credit would be reduced.
  11. CRAs do not like very low-balanced credit cards, and your credit score can be negatively affected. So make sure you add more than £250 as your security deposit if this is your only credit card available.
  12. CRAs will award an extra score for £5000 and above the credit limit. Experian will give 50 points for the high credit limit.
  13. Essentially, a credit score does not mean you would be suitable for every creditor as they all have their criteria for the perfect customer they want. Still, Booster will build your credit history where you pay your debt on time, and it is reported to the credit referencing agency.
  14. Tymit reports to Experian.


  • No animals harmed in making this list. :wink:
  • Please feel free to correct any of the above if required.
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