Access to Beta releases

Want to help us and also test out cool new features for you?

Fill in this form for a chance to get access!



Form submitted, looking forward to new content.

All filled out looking forward to doing a bit of beta testing

@Pipo when are you rolling out the access to Beta test ?

Just got the email invite to join the android beta.

It looks like my Google Play email address needs to match the email address for Tymit. Is that right?

Yes I just had the same issue as I’ve got my apps installed under a different Google account.

Just click the link in the email that says sign up, I got an error message saying no invite for this account. Then I clicked the blank box at top right of the screen and it let me switch accounts.

I’ve done that and it says I should receive an app update switching me to the beta version. It says it can take a few hours for the update to appear so I’ll keep an eye out for it.

My Tymit email address isn’t A Google account, so this doesn’t work

Ah maybe reply to the invitation email asking for your Google email address to be added for beta then.

@Gaoler You will need to create a google account with your email (can be created with any email address) - then you should be able to signup to the beta group.
If you want to use another email just DM me. :slight_smile:

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