Account balance


Again issues with the account.

I activated at atm, i checked balance and it says £0.00 yet i have available balance of £65 on app. Anyone able to help me. Is this normal. Its constant problem after problem…

Hope this is normal

Yes I believe other people have had this when checking their balance at an atm

Morning @Darren74

Yes, this is quite normal and nothing to be concerned about.

We’re looking into it but it won’t cause any issues or stop your card from being activated. The best place to check your balance will always be in the app itself.

Hope that helps!


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So if i use my card it will be ok, as i know there’s money on it

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Yeah it will work fine

Morning Mike

Thank you for your help. Sorry to keep messaging over stuff, just i really like tymit and want it too work well for me. As im with booster, any chance you can find out when i can get the proper tymit account.



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Hi mike, I’ve been charged £9.95 booster fee, but ive had the account 3 day’s. Come on tymit this is terrible customer service