Account number change

I was unaware that the account numbers and sort codes had changed so paid by bank transfer using my old account details, this has not been recognised by Tymit and it is not showing but it has left my bank and it is the same account number and sort code that I have used for 12 months. Anybody know why they changed and where my payment has gone.

Hi @Mfg836 the bank details changed some months ago to facilitate instant payments showing up on your account. I think this was around November last year!

Tymit said at the time that there was no deadline for using the old account details but advised changing over to the new ones to benefit from payments being applied to your account instantly rather than taking hours or days as is the case when using the old details.

I would assume the old account is still active and the payment will still go through, however if it has been a few days it might be best contacting support just to confirm.

Welcome to the forum @Mfg836. As Billy has said, the old account details are still valid and the payment will still go through but with a delay so you won’t loose any money. I would contact support if it has been more than 3 days and just to make sure you don’t miss the payment deadline.

They changed in October 2020. Unsure whether that was communicated by email to all users or not, can’t remember, have slept since then. Assuming you used the correct Reference code they should apply the payment in due course.

hey @Mfg836 , welcome to the community :wave:
Has this been sorted for you?

No not yet I am still waiting

I have had a response from support to say they are locating the payment, but that was Wednesday and I have heard nothing else and the bill is still showing as late. It is quite concerning.

Did you use the correct reference for the payment?

Yes I do it by standing order and just amend the amount each month. I knew they had moved to faster payment but did not realise the account number and sort code were different