Adding Funds to Booster

My booster account was confirmed today and I’m all set up on the app with my temporary card to use online while I await my physical card to arrive.

Iv just gone to add funds to my account and get the ball rolling but cannot seem to add funds.

When I go into the adding funds section. It tells me to add funds to these account details but there are no details to do so? Logged in and out multiple times but no change. Any help would be appreciated I’ll add a screen print below.

Hi @MRT7290,

Welcome to the Tymit community, as Booster is a new product, not many of us here have it, so best you raise this with support who would be in a better position to assist you. In any case you would need a unique reference number for the payment even if we were able to provide the bank details.

I had no problem adding funds today the screen should come up with details to do the bank transfer

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Hey @MRT7290 , welcome :wave: did you get this sorted in the end?

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