AirTag - New Apple Product

Did anyone purchase an AirTag today?

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No, I really like the idea of it but theres too many things that make it useless :frowning:

Basically like Tile, clearly Apple wanting to get on the bandwagon! - However, if AirTags can communicate with any iPhone running compatible versions of iOS they will beat Tile hands down which requires the Tile app. I have used Tile for years. They used to only pair with your phone and only with others if lost. Nowadays they communicate with any phone nearby running the Tile app.

The problem with airtags is if your sat on the bus people will get a pop up near you saying they are being tracked

Only if their AirTag becomes separated from them but remains following your phone, Apple have ensured users are protected against unauthorised tracking.

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Since I heard about it, around a year ago, I’ve been excited to get my hands on one, so I did buy one on Friday. From what I have read there are a lot of positives, and the battery is replaceable - yeaaah!
I’ll let you know what I think when I receive it.


Saw a couple of them in action today. The leather case the person had for it to attach to his keys costs £3 more than the tag itself :man_shrugging:

That’s correct - I bought one, got it Friday. :joy:

I love it to be fair, been waiting since I heard the rumour Apple were making one.

Ordered another one as well, due to arrive shortly.


Do they work well like Tile?

I don’t know how Tile works, never had one. But with AirTag, if lost, it will communicate with all Apple Devices to send you the location, and if you have a NFC phone (either iPhone or Android), you can see who the AirTag belongs to which will also have a contact number to contact the owner - if the AirTag has been put in Lost Mode.

Oh dear, not so good! :laughing:

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