Amazingly unbelievable customer service!

…in two ways actually.

The first, staggeringly fast replies compared to the experiences others have talked about on here:

Message created in-app 8.41 this morning.

Even though they say their inbox is only monitored 9am-6pm I nonetheless had a reply (of sorts) by 9.27. Wow!

I replied back at 10.27 and had a further response at 10.47. Even quicker still!!

And after my second reply at 1.21 their third response came just 13 minutes later at 1.34.

I’m blown away by the speed of their replies. It is to be congratulated…

…unfortunately, the other “unbelievable” aspect of the experience which blew me away was very much in the negative sense.

I’m still flabbergasted at the condescending, ignorant and completely infuriating content of their replies.

I queried a Pay@Pump transaction just before my bill date (now that Tymit finally works with Pay@Pump).

Standard £100 pre-authorisation was made on 22/4 and transaction settled on 24/4 for an amount just under half that.

But Tymit’s systems do not properly link the actual transaction to the authorisation the way most other card issuers do, so the pre-authorisation does not get cancelled when the actual transaction amount comes through. It hangs as a ‘pending’ transaction until it expires 7 days later.

Since Tymit are the only credit card company I have ever heard of that includes pending transactions when they issue bills, I therefore have an extra £100 in excess of the fuel I bought included on this month’s bill issued 25/4.

My original question was, are they expecting me to pay £100 over what I’ve actually spent, because that’s what the amount of the bill would suggest? Or when the authorisation that hasn’t been linked to the actual transaction expires in a few days, will my bill amount correct itself, because even though the bill has been ‘issued’ on 25/4, the authorisation will have expired well before payment is due on 7/5?

A reasonable enough question to ask, one would have thought.

But oh no, not for Tymit! The first two replies I received ignored the question completely.

The first one was essentially a Peter and Paul child’s guide to how basic card transactions work, as though I knew nothing about how the process worked.

And their second reply was even worse. It just said “thanks for the information you’ve supplied; I’ll see it gets passed on to the correct department”.

No attempt to answer my question at all. :flushed:

Only when I got quite angry and threatened to complain to the Ombudsman, did I finally get the following (rather rambling and still a bit non-committal) answer…

To clarify, there is currently hold of £100 on your account from the 22nd of April. This is a pending transaction and will eventually disappear from your account so you’ll not be expecting to cover that when the bill is due.

Because your transaction is in a pending status, there will be a 6 day clearing period of it showing on your account but this will be corrected once that timeframe has been exceeded, or sometimes even sooner.

Even when the transaction isn’t linked, it’s in a pending status and will not be confirmed by the merchant so you’ll not need to cover the payment of £100 separately.

I totally understand your frustration as it does seem that there’s an extra transaction on your account but as I previously mentioned, this will be corrected.

…so hopefully that means that the amount of my bill will reduce by £100, even though it has been issued to include the ‘ghost’ authorisation, once it expires.

Why on earth, could they not just come out and say that at first point of contact? And who else but Tymit would issue a bill for one amount, then reduce the amount after it’s been issued???!!

So despite the excellent speed of reply, the actual level of customer service is ‘unbelievable’ for all the wrong reasons.

I wonder if anybody out there has actually EVER had a query competently and satisfactorily handled first time by a Tymit custom service agent. I know I haven’t and I’m rather more inclined to believe that they just have some bizarre sort of in-joke office competition going on to see who can irritate customers the most by deliberately obfuscating whatever they’re being asked. That’s certainly the impression I get and it is preferable to believing they are genuinely as stupid as they seem.

Sounds like a stressful situation that could of been avoided.

Even if you asked on here I would of said that it would be included in the bill amount (as it’s showing on the account on the bill date) but as long as it’s cleared by the last day of the month the bill amount would change to reflect this.

When the bill is produced on or around the 25th you still get until the end of the month to replan payments etc and any refunds or adjustments in the meantime would all affect the actual amount payable.

It’s only when the bill “finalises” at the end of the month the amount displayed becomes the amount payable on or around the 7th.

I’m sure Tymit would be able to explain this more clearly than I did but going by your post obviously they didn’t.

Actually Billy, given the experience I’ve just had, I think your version is better than anything I would’ve gotten out of Tymit!

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