Amazon no longer accepting Tymit

Just had an email to say that my Tymit card will no longer be accepted for payment at Amazon as it is a Visa card and Visa charge too much. They want me to use a different card. Does Tymit have any opinion on this? Any plans to help sort this out?

This was on the news today, and is a potential problem for all Visa credit cards, not just Tymit. The changes are supposed to kick in next year, so the is still time for the 2 corporate giants to iron things out.

I have optional credit cards I can use, or if I don’t need Section 75 protection I can use Curve/Tymit.

Is this another case of large corporations flexing their muscle and p***ing all over the customer in the meantime? Not happy with Amazon at all on this.

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So apparently Amex are charging lower processing fees than Visa? Really?

Amazon make £millions literally every minute of every day and now they’re quibbling over card fees! Tw*ts!

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Clearly Jeff wants to build another rocket and so he needs a bit more cash to do that. How else can retired ‘film stars’ get in to space and help destroy the planet?

Amazon’s corporate vision is “ to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, …………”


It’s yet another “benefit” of Brexit - Visa is hiking their fees to crazy levels, effectively ditching fee limits between the UK and EU

So do we now ditch Amazon or do we ditch Tymit?

Neither. We wait for them to reach an agreement. I suspect visa will back down a bit. They’ve been running with 0.3% fees, so they can probably climb down from 1.5% a bit without real pain…

It has nothing to do with Amazon or Tymit, it has to do with Visa Greed

Actually, MasterCard announced the same change in fees before Visa did.

They both plan to increase the amount of commission/interchange paid by retailers on transactions made between the EU and the UK.

Why does it affect Amazon? All their sales from Amazon UK are booked by Amazon in Luxembourg not the UK so they can pay less tax…

If the sales were booked in the UK, the change in fees wouldn’t affect them.

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I’m one step ahead of you. I only ever use Amazon when I absolutely have to. Either because I just can’t find a product elsewhere, or if I can the price difference is too great. And when that happens it really sticks in my craw that I have to use Amazon.

Generally, I’ll gladly pay a little bit more to support non-Amazon retailers. Same goes for ebay.

I reckon my Amazon and eBay purchases combined for the last 5 years are less than £300 in total.

No skin off my nose if Amazon stops accepting UK Visa credit. But they won’t. Visa and Amazon’s mutual greed will eventually level out and they’ll meet somewhere in the middle probably.

Or maybe Visa will capitulate entirely. Either way, just another reason to give Bezos as little of my money as possible!

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Yes, Amex are well known for charging much higher interchange fees than Visa and Mastercard, which is why many places don’t accept it.

But Amazon does.

So while it is very easy to point the finger at Visa and say the are being greedy (and I’ve no doubt they are), it’s definitely Amazon causing the fuss.

When Amex charges more than anyone and Mastercard fees have risen comparably, Amazon clearly has some reason they are not disclosing for picking a fight with Visa. Or maybe they think Visa is a soft touch and will give in to their bullying more than Amex and Mastercard…

You can use curve to front it as it is mastercard - if you use my link you get £5 plus 1% cashback on (almost) everything for 30 days when you sign-up to Curve :handshake: Referral Promo | Get free cashback on every card

I have a curve card but don’t use it as for me it seems like a really interesting idea as a card but of little value in real life. Have had the curve card for a few years and I think I was put off when a cash withdrawal failed. I felt then that having to carry your bank card in case curve failed seemed to make the whole point of carrying one card a bit pointless. Also, you don’t get the section 75 protection with curve as it’s a debit card.

I’m not sure I’m prepared to jump through hoops just because Amazon and Visa are causing issues for customers. I’ll most likely start shopping anywhere other than Amazon unless they start accepting Visa again.

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Just made a purchase on Amazon (first since last August) and to my surprise was offered a tenner off if I stored a non-Visa credit default payment card.

As my purchase was only £25 anyway, I’m pretty chuffed! :grin:

I can’t see the difference in Visa’s fees ever amounting to £10 with the amount I buy from Amazon so, for whatever reason it does look like Amazon have rather got it in for Visa.

Still, who cares when they’re handing out tenners?

I applied for the Amazon MasterCard and they gave me £40 Amazon voucher.

Probably won’t use the Amazon MasterCard apart from if I shop on Amazon - which won’t be often now. Have started to find that Amazon prices are not always the best and a lot of what they sell is cheap knock off junk anyway.

I bought a Garmin from curry’s at a third of the Amazon price over Xmas and currently looking at a power bank from Anker which is a fiver cheaper from Anker direct compared to Amazon.

So Amazon have done me a favour by not accepting my prefered credit card - it made me look elsewhere and made me realise they are not as cheap as I thought.

Amazon Mastercard? You mean NewDay card was offered one

It’s an Amazon branded New Day card

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Amazon card is owned by NewDay