Amazon no longer accepting Tymit

Sorry but I have zero idea about what point you are trying to make here!

I think that @Olatunde1 didn’t quite realise you were both in agreement on that point Stephen.

Amazon card = New Day

Still baffles me why they no longer want to accept Visa though, You would think for an online company the more payment options the better.

I run a business and the cost for processing a Visa or MasterCard payment is exactly the same for me.

I take it Amazon are just happy to inconvenience the customer because they are not getting a good enough discount for processing bulk transactions.

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Yes it’s really baffling. They are certainly losing business from me over it.

Simple - visa has significantly increased their fees, so Amazon has given them the not

Yea but this only applies to VISA CREDIT and not VISA DEBIT doesn’t it? I haven’t read the email for a while. But I thought it only affected credit customers?

That’s right - just visa credit cards.