An update on today's card issues

Hi Tymit Community,

I have an update on the card issues we’ve been having today.

Before I jump in to the changes, here’s a little bit of a recap.

You may remember we got in touch not too long ago about some changes at Tymit.

(You should have got an email on either the 6th or 20th of November).

We told you about how we’d be moving to a new card issuer and processor soon, and that you’d be getting a new Tymit card in the post.

We decided to make these changes after our original issuer, Wirecard, was told to stop operating by the regulator. Like lots of other companies, we put a plan in place to move away from Wirecard.

Today, for reasons outside our control, we’ve had to speed up that process. And that’s why you’ve been having trouble using your Tymit card.

We’re working hard to make the change as quick and smooth as possible, but we’re sorry for any invconvenience and we’d like to thank you for your patience while we get it sorted.

I have a few updates on your card and how you can use it:

  • We’ve already issued you with a new virtual Tymit card
    You can access it in the app, it’s already active and you can use it online like you would any other card.

  • We’ve just sent you a new physical Tymit card
    This will replace your current Tymit card. You should get it over the weekend or early next week at the latest. If you save your new virtual card number on any devices or online, these details will have to be updated with your new physical card number.

  • Your current physical card won’t work anymore
    Please make sure to carry a back-up card until your Tymit card arrives.

Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them.

And from everyone on Team Tymit - thanks again for your patience.


Thanks for the update, keep up the good work guys!

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Thanks for the update. Great product, great customer support and looking forward to whats next for Tymit.

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Thanks you for such a clear update :slight_smile:

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Has anyone received their new card yet?

Still waiting, it says in the app between 5-7 working days. Tomorrow is around 5 working days.

Patience is a virtue! Does it really matter?!

Thanks for keeping us updated!

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I started signing up with Tymit on the 17th of November, but due to their technical issues, could not complete signup until the 20th. On the 20th I received my virtual card number (with the new BIN) and was told the physical card was in the post. On the 30th I received some post - from Wirecard with my Tymit physical card on the old, unusable, BIN which I couldn’t then activate in the app… So I’m now waiting for a new-new card over 3 weeks later from starting to sign up: not a good first impression on many fronts (why send out the old cards if they knew on the 6th of November - and even on the 20th - they were switching to the new supplier).

well yes, I can’t use it if I don’t have it! :smile:

Mine arrived today. Activated in app without issue. Was sent in rather more “functional” packaging this time around!


Me too! Exciting times :slight_smile: :credit_card:

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:grinning: Great to hear the new cards are arriving!

@sfmorris thanks for noticing our new minimalist approach :wink:

To anyone like @Stephen still waiting, thanks for your patience :pray:

Hopefully :crossed_fingers: it won’t be much longer


Hi @rbairwell,

We’re really sorry your first experiences with Tymit haven’t gone smoothly. We did stop issuing plastics from Wirecard before we migrated, so you’re totally right - you shouldn’t have gotten that card at all.

To be honest, it’s been a bit of a struggle with our previous issuer… But now that we’ve migrated we’re focused on the future - and how we can make your experience better.

The new cards are on the way and you should have yours soon. And you could always try out your virtual card in the meantime.

If you have any questions at all, let me know here or get in touch with the support team.

Thanks for your honest feedback :+1:,


Better things are here to stay :slight_smile:

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My card arrived this morning and now activated in app. The quality of this card looks a little better - the printing is better and clearer. Some of the printing on the back of my old one was faded/unclear.

Fingers crossed it will now always work ok. :crossed_fingers:t3: