Android App Bugs

Found a few issues with the current Android app v 1.1.1

  1. I have to press the fingerprint scanner twice to get into the app.
  2. Clicking “pay bill” does nothing
  3. No real-time notifications

Huawei P30 Pro - Android 10

I get the same with having to use the fingerprint login twice, Not had any real time notifications either and the pay bill button does nothing for me also, I am on Android Samsung Galaxy phone.

On another note as it’s only the first release of the app and only just started I imagine more features will be along in know time. On the bill side of things at present I could be wrong but I think you can only pay your bill once it’s been generated and give the 4 digit reference number. But I’m sure direct debit and card payments and faster bank transfers as and when we would like to pay will also be coming soon.

Overall I am happy with the card design, using the card has worked both online and in shops and contactless all without any problems not used the monthly payment option yet only picked page in full but as time goes on I might choice this option.

Keep up the good work tymit and stay safe everyone kind regards


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Just to confirm I am having the same issues with the Android App but nothing that can’t be managed. If I were to prioritise anything it would be the notifications.

Only just starting to use the card/app but so far appears a sound start.

Many thanks


Fingerprint and “pay bill” button issues were fixed with this morning’s update.

Hi, I’ve made a couple of purchases online and haven’t received any real time notifications. I presume this feature is available on Android.

I have notifications set within the app.

Huawei P30 pro
Android 10
App version 1.1.1