Android Update

Many of the Eagle Eyed :eyes:amongst you have noticed that last week we released our latest Android App update!

We are so grateful to our Android users for their patience and we know you’ve all been really excited to be part of Tymit.

Starting from today we will begin sending invites to our waitlisted users, this will happen in waves so please don’t panic if you don’t get an invite straight away. In the meantime you can continue to view your waitlist position which will start moving as we send invites :+1:t2:


Hi @Tom

I’ve got my invite but after inputting the sms code I get a message that says “conflict”.

EDIT: now resolved itself!

Thanks for the update Tom keep safe all the best to the team.

I have my invite for the android beta version. Guess ewhat

Apologies we did find a bug that was affecting some users when trying to validate the SMS code, however this should now be resolved :+1:t2:

If you are still experiencing issues please reach out to

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Is this normal or another bug in the sign up flow?

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This is the same for me @anon79468902 @Tom. Been on the same page for 3 days now. Probably busy with everything that’s going on in the world. But fingers crossed my application gets accepted soon.
Keep safe everyone all the best.

@anon79468902 @NellyNeil88 the team are working hard to review all applications, as we’ve had to adapt operations due to the ongoing crisis this is taking longer than usual. Rest assured you will have an update soon, thanks for your understanding :pray:t2:

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Thanks @Tom keep safe all the best.

Quick feedback. Application approved and I’ve made my first purchase with the temporary virtual card using 3DS with no problems.

The only thing that wasn’t clear was the credit limit. I’m not saying it wasn’t in the 3 documents I had to read before completing the application but if it was it wasn’t prominent. Unless that is only known after the application is completed and terms agreed to.

@Tom My application has now been approved thank you to all the tymit staff and the kind wishes via email means alot.
Keep safe everyone at Tymit and the community

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Perhaps you could add some text to that page saying something like “this process is currently taking X days” ?

Can confirm it is NOT in the documents

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I can confirm my credit limit was clearly shown in the documents and credit agreement, Also card has been recieved and works fine no problems activating it or using it thanks Tymit. Keep up the hard work and stay safe all.

One question, do you have dark mode on your phone? I do and I’ve noticed that some data fields in documents can be affected by it.

@anon79468902 I don’t use dark mode sorry. Take care Kind regards

I wonder if the issue seeing certain information during sign-up, like the credit limit is related to dark mode :thinking:

@Tom Is there any update regarding the time it is taking to review applications once someone gets to the “We need more time to review your application” stage?

Its been a week here so far and counting…

A bit of feedback with a recent transaction.

Yesterday I tried to make a payment to TUI via the phone. The card details were accepted but the transaction was “declined not authorised”. I did not get any in app message to say that a transaction had failed or been declined. Thankfully I had another card I could use but obviously I cannot use the 3 month interest free period.

I sent a message to customer services in-app at about 12:43. I got an email reply today (8th May) at about 10am (almost 24 hours later). 2 issues with the reply:

  1. The time stamp on the reply is 7 May 2020, 12:15:54 GMT-4. But I did not actually receive the reply until 8 May 10am BST - so there is obviously a delay in replies actually being delivered.
  2. The reply said “Our relevant team have enabled signals on our side, please may we ask you to try again and let us know?” - this means nothing to me and does not explain why the transaction failed. Secondly it was almost 24 hours too late as I had to use another card.

Ideally I would not like a transaction to fail (but accept this can happen) however I would at least like to see an in app notification that there was a declined transaction rather than nothing.

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Hi @gt94sss2 application reviews have been taking a little longer than we’d like, due to the ongoing crisis. For these type of queries it’s much faster to contact rather than posting in the community, as we have a great team who are ready and eager to help :+1:t2:

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