App crashing - anyone else?

Anyone else having problems with the app crashing when you try to look at a transaction? Just noticed it this morning - wondering if it’s a big in the latest app update. I have reported it via the in app support system.

I have had this issue for a couple of weeks. Tymit are aware of this and are looking into it the cause.

@Oisin (tagging as this sounds like the same issue i am having and have reported.)

Thats interesting! Why did they suggest I delete the app, reinstall it and log back in then! Then ask me to send screen shots and explain further what the issue is. And then tell me they would pass it on to be looked at further?!?!

I went though all those steps , provided screen shots and a screen recording. I chase it up each week and the reply i have got so far is they are still looking into the issue and they will contact me once they have a fix. If i hear any more info i will reply to this thread.

Not had any issue with the app on my device - have an iPhone 8 running latest iOS, and Tymit app version.

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Thanks for flagging this @Stephen .

Yes, it does sound similar to the issue you had, @Aaronf555 .

I’ll check in with the team about this and come back to you soon.

@Oisin I had an update from Clare this afternoon saying that the team have found a fix. I haven’t seen an app update yet ?

I replied to Clare asking if there is an update to fix the problem or if it should be fixed with the current app version.

The current app version still crashes for me ?

Many thanks.

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@Oisin i have downloaded the crash file and sent this onto clare today.

Hopefully this might help identify a fix?

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Hey @Aaronf555 , thanks for the update.
I’m going to check in with the team and see if they have everything they need now.

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Any news on this yet? App still crashes if I try and view any transaction…


I have sent a crash report to support , waiting to hear back from them.

hi everyone,

quick update on this one: i’ve checked in with the engineering team on this and they’re still working on it.

There’s an update coming that’ll help them isolate the bug, which they can then work on fixing.

Takeaway message is: it’s in the works, but it’s probably a couple of weeks away.

Not the answer you were hoping for, I’m sure, but I think it’s better to be upfront about it.

Thanks for bearing with us on this :pray:

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Thanks for the update.

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@Oisin ,

The latest update seems to have corrected the crash issue.

Ps the app looks fantastic.

Could you pass this feedback onto the team ?