App doesn’t work

My app just doesn’t work :disappointed: pointless having the card and going to activate it then the app will just not open :woman_shrugging:

Why don’t you try providing a bit more information so that someone can help you?

Operating system, error messages etc.

iPhone XS Max OS 13.6
App opens then blue circle spins constantly
Tried to activate card but won’t let me and won’t let me see PIN number
Blue circle still spinning
Tried re-loading app and logging out and back in

Try reinstalling the app, try again…

Did that no change :disappointed:
Even re-started my phone no change :disappointed:

What version of Tymit?

Have you raised a support ticket? I recently asked a question of support, got a response pretty quickly too. Also are you using wifi or 4G connection? If using wifi try disabling that & using 4G, have had a similar problem elsewhere solved by doing that…

I’m using WiFi but have also tried on 4G same thing happens
Have raised ticket but unfortunately got a response that they only respond Monday to Friday
Hopefully it may get fixed sometime today :woman_shrugging:

Version I’m using is 1.10.9

Any resolution yet on this issue?

No not yet
I have had a response from them:

“ i can see that we are actively reviewing this issue via ticket [#5402]

As soon as I have any feedback I will update you immediately via your first message under ticket [#5402]

Your patience is really appreciated and as always, if you have any questions let us know!

Team Tymit“

That’s all I’ve had but problem still not resolved :disappointed:

Any resolution to this yet?

Nope still waiting for them to get back to me
Beginning to wonder if I can be bothered with this card

That certainly doesn’t fill you with confidence! - I had a similar hiccup when activating as the app went wierd, but had and did work subsequently. No issues after that, I’d be bugging them rotten by now!


How did your app get fixed?

It just glitched then several attempts later it just worked…

Same issue here with activating the card. What did you do to get it to work. No help yet via support ticket after 4 days.

That’s pretty poor customer service really!


Hi @LegalBeagle and @Christine, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing this problem! A fix has been rolled out and our team have reached out to you directly to share an update.

@MuppetDave I really appreciate you helping to flag this! It’s great to see the community coming together on our forum and helping each other out. We did fall short here but our team have reached out directly to both customers impacted with a solution.

Thanks for the update, Sadly there is still no change in my app - no option to activate shows at all. Card tab shows the temporary card number.