App has crashed and won’t let me log in

App has crashed and won’t let me log in. I’ve sent emails several times to support & hello email addresses but had no response. It’s making me nervous to take a card out. Is there no number or live chat facilities?

Hi @Nasbey,
Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the app. I’ve checked in with the support team about this for you.
Could you email them at and use the reference number 1036 ?
If you could confirm you device details in your email that’d be really helpful.
Let me know if there’s anything else you need.
And thanks for flagging the issue :+1:

Thank you I have emailed the address again with reference number hopefully this helps

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Same issue for me… I have a couple of purchases due to come out today and it’s making me concerned there will be a problem with those!

Still had no reply either…

hey @Fillsta :wave:
Welcome to to the community!

I’ve been told this bug has now been fixed. Did everything with your payments work out ok?

Hi @Nasbey, you should have gotten a text update on this and be able to log in.
When you get in, you can ask our support team any questions you have using the in-app chat.

Thanks for hanging in there while we got it fixed :pray:

Yes thank you - issue didn’t last that long, thanks for the reply :slight_smile:


hey @Nasbey, did you get sorted in the end?

and @Fillsta - were you able to get set up?

Hello, yes got there in the end! Thank you. Great service in hard times. Regards

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Great :smiley: Good to hear you’re up and running :+1:

Another issue now temp card not working and physical card won’t activate as says it’s in correct

Hi @Nasbey, just so i’m clear: you’re unable to activate the new physical card in the app. Is that right?