App issues as most people have

Unable to log in.

I find it truly unbelievable that a business that relys upon an app only has no direct contact details!
I have been unable to log in for nearly a month.
I’ve uninstalled reinstalled rebooted and changed passwords. But nothing I do works.

I have emailed 7 times and not a single reply.

Yet today, they take their payment like usual. What a Joke!

Sorry to hear your having log in issues mate. @Oisin can you put some pressure on the customer service that you have to get this sorted

Edit: You are definitely using the email you registered with and phone number right?

Yes, the app asks for a telephone number as part of the login. I’ve used my mobile number, this gets me to the passcode screen. If I use an ‘incorrect number’ it says it’ll send me a one time code. So I presume the mobile number is correct.

Try deleting the app and re installing the app

Have done this and no fix :worried: even tried a different device

I’m honestly not sure then. Will have to wait for a member of staff on here to get you help


Can someone help I’m unable to log on to my app. Every time when I get to add passcode it says sorry couldn’t complete try again later. Iv even tried it van in the cash point it says my account balance is £0. This all happened after I made my monthly payment. I have emailed support but it’s been 3 days and no one has come back to me.