App keeps crashing

Every tine I try to open the Tymit app, it crashes. I mean it just switches off, closes. Isn’t on anymore. I can’t access my account at all. This means I don’t know exactly how much my next bill is, I can’t adjust the payment plan if I need to and for any purchase I won’t be able to select the payment plan I want.

Any plans to fix this or is there a thing I can do about it?

I would suggest contacting support at They are likely to start by asking you to delete the app and reinstall it, and ensure you update it to the newest version available in the playstore/appstore. I’d try that if you haven’t already, and if you have call it out.

Thanks, I’d already deleted the app and reinstalled it. So I put that in my message to support. I hope it gets resolved soon.

same is happening with me. Trying to pay my bill for last month and app won’t open at all. Will try and delete and reinstall and see if that helps!!!

Just deleted the app and reinstalled. It asks for phone number but when I enter it, it just says ‘something went wrong’. Will Email support.

I switched off my vpn and could then log back in to the app. It seems that the vpn was interfering with the running of Tymit. This hasn’t been an issue before.