App Not Opening

Good Morning Tymit community and a very happy Friday!

Unfortunately we experienced an issue with the app this morning which was preventing people signing in. Our superstar development team identified and resolved the issue extremely quickly and you should now be able to access your account.

If you’re still experiencing issues please contact

This morning I am not able to open up the Tymit app. It doesn’t matter if I try to use Touch ID or my passcode, the app just seems to be ignoring it. Clearly this is a little frustrating for an app only credit card! Obviously I don’t know if it’s just me or a general problem involving more people, so thought I would flag. I’ll leave it for a while and try again later today.

Thanks so much for flagging this @Stephen you should now be able to access :+1:t2:

I’m in! Thanks for the quick response :grinning:

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Can I suggest that your CTO gets a bit more visible and access this community site? I know marketing is important but all these outstanding technology issues need a bit more attention IMHO.

For example there does seem to be an issue with testing not being Castries out enough before releases going live!

Looks like the glitch is back. Also tells me I’ve paid £200+ to my account - I haven’t? This is very strange indeed. Perhaps someone at Team Tymit can advise because although it’s not difficult I’m bloody confused as hell now, especially considering I just had a notification to pay May bill (£31.08) which surely shouldn’t be due if I’ve just “paid” £200+ but can’t access the app to find out if it’s resolved itself somehow?


@kevsyb we are currently experiencing an issue with the app opening, I can assure you our team are working hard to resolve it as we speak.

If you still see account discrepancies once you have access, please contact our support team on and thy’ll be happy to assist.

I have weird things happening with my balance as well. That’s a good reason for considering to move out from Tymit. I can accept app issues, card issues, etc…but it’s a financial company, cannot accept any single issue in calculating my balance.

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Hi everyone, the login issue should now be resolved, apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Thanks, app access is ok again now and I’ve emailed support regarding the ghost transactions.



Every time I as when a feature being worked on is due all I get is no visibility - for me the lack of an automated update to payments made being real time (like every other credit card I’ve used) is unbelievable. Having to wait for the working week to start for a manual update to my account is not acceptable for fintech credibility surely?

I had a PayPal payment today reverse out for no reason (used before several times) so I’m wondering what’s going on at Tymit? Like the previous post I’m wondering if I can invest the time going forward hoping you’ll fix things…

Please publish a product roadmap with time milestones to regain our trust.

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I’ve noticed small credits being made to my account today. However these were not made by me. I checked these there now and they are still there. I think this is unacceptable for a financial organisation. Anyone else losing faith. Anyone else any comments on this/who should I report this too ?

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I have been having serious problems since starting to use the app after the last update again. See my recent posts… :disappointed: