App not working

I love Tymit as a finance solution. That being said, the app is inconsistent and i keep seeing ‘try again later’. Are there plans to sort the accessibility issues soon?

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Really? I rarely have a problem with it. Maybe check internet connection or maybe it’s a phone issue?

Thanks. It was, and has been before, resolved by uninstalling and installing a new version

Delighted that you’ve sorted it! These things can be so annoying.

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Yes they can, though having an automatic update for the app would help solve this every few months

hi @GaryL and welcome to our Tymit Community! :wave:

I’m glad that this technical issue has been resolved for you.

Just to follow up on this, could you please let me know if you’re still experiencing issues with the app even after the latest release of the app?

I hope to hear your feedback soon :crossed_fingers:

Hi @Fedi

Thank you. I’ve had to do uninstall, and reinstall the app several times since first using it. It works until it doesn’t :man_shrugging:

More stable now than ever before, though still sluggish at times waiting for the details to load.


Thanks for your feedback @GaryL I’ll pass it onto our development team :pray: