App update incoming! 🛠

Good evening Tymit community, we’re excited to let you know there is an app update on the way!

This latest release contains the following updates:

  • We’ve created a new Account section in the app to access multiple servicing features.
  • Given a new look to our alerts and the payment plan charts.
  • There are a variety of new improvements to our on boarding process for new customers.
  • We’ve crushed several pesky bugs.

When you’ve updated your app, let us know what you think :+1:t2:


I’ve not seen an update yet, was this just for Android?

@Davessanchez this is an iOS update, however we’re waiting for approval from Apple for release. It shouldn’t be too much longer :crossed_fingers:t2:

@Tom will this update include fixing the issue of continuing with my approved application? :crossed_fingers:

Just got the new iOS app. It doesn’t look much different to me. You haven’t fixed the “amount due” bug which doesn’t take into account any interim payments you might have made between “official” due dates. I know the advice is to pay the large amount shown near the top of the screen, but this needs fixing as not everybody will have received that advice.

I can view my pin now with dark mode enabled :+1:

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