Application card


I made an application yesterday for a card, was surprised but only offered the Booster.
Decided to accept, completed application and then uploaded my ID documents.

However, then was told ‘We need more time to review your application’.

Emailed, that hasn’t been responded to yet and still stuck on the app as it.

I appreciate that staff are busy but any chance my application can be processed so I can pay my deposit as if it isn’t resolved promptly I just have to look elsewhere for a card.

Thank you!

Very strange my application said the same that they needed to do manual checks and took about 10 mins to be all sorted and approved

The message I am getting is

We couldn’t run all of our checks automatically, so one of our team is going to take a look.

Reviewing your application could take up to 2 working days. But don’t worry, we’ll send you a text and email when we’re done.

Someone else who also applied at the same time, also had the same message.
Photo ID was all upto date and everything else, yet got this message.

I get they are busy but can’t see why for a deposit card why I have had to have some manual intervention anyway, as I’ve proved who I am and I be paying for the service.

I just hope it’s resolved soon otherwise I have to look elsewhere.

Even with it being a secured card they still have to do AML & KYC checks

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I read an update earlier saying that they are dealing with a very high volume of new applications and working through the backlog as quickly as possible.

I also submitted a support request earlier today and was advised it might take up to 2 days for a reply so guessing they are flat out at the moment.

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I hope so!

I guess I’m just use to either an instant yes or no, I generally dislike having to wait for an application to be processed.

I am hoping tomorrow I will hear something being it is the second day.

Good News !

Received notification this morning my application has been approved.

Really pleased to be part of this and look forward to trying it out, I think the idea is super.


Glad to hear it got sorted

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Glad it was sorted for you. Regardless of the types of card, certain checks must be carried out and one or two of them can’t always be automated in full if triggered (PEPs and Sanctions for example).

Where they are receiving higher volumes of applications, it’s probably causing a short delay but nothing out of the ordinary.

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Hi @KWS , welcome to the community :slightly_smiling_face:

Great to hear you’re up and running with Booster :+1: