Application process broken!

Hi - I tried to submit an application for the Tymit card on the app and got to the stage where it asks you to tick that you’ve read Ts & Cs, however there was nothing on the page and the ‘continue’ button was greyed out, so I exited the app and started again.

Now every time I put my mobile number in to start the eligibility checker it just sends me back to the start and I can’t progress with the app.

I tried doing the application on the website instead of the app and when I put my mobile number in it says there is a problem on Tymit’s side and they’ll be in touch shortly.

Can someone at Tymit help?

Definitely doesn’t sound right. Have responded to you via direct message @NeilSut with further details - we’ll get you in ASAP! :pray: Thank you so much for raising this, we really appreciate it.

Hello Clare,

I am having the same problem. I went through the application and past where I accepted the T&Cs signed away and was told I would get something in the post?

I haven’t received any emails confirming anything and when I try to log In, it keeps saying the 4 digit code I get via text is wrong? Please help!

Hey Kami!

I’m really sorry to hear of this. I’ll send you a direct message now to see what could be happening.

Thanks for your patience :pray: