April bill showing twice on transaction feed

Just noticed my transaction list looked quite long and then noticed I have two April bills showing in the transaction feed.

One bill is due by May 7th and the other due by May 10th. Although all the transactions are duplicated all totals are correct so just looks like a display error.

Anyone else having this issue?

I’m on Android
App Version 1.7.11

Not happening on mine (iOS)

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Thanks for confirming @dudesuper1982 must be an Android bug or perhaps to do with me setting up direct debit and the debit coming out on a different date than the actual due by date.

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I can only see 1 April bill (Android)

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Thanks @Sholao must just be me, as above I suspect it’s to do with direct debit as it’s shown due by May 7th all month and now saying May 10th at the top of the screen.

This is also happening to me, also on Android and also on direct debit. Slightly concerned that payment still shown as due on the 7th, as if taking it on the 10th that could then show as late payment?

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Could have something to do with the direct debit, I don’t have one set up!

Yes I definitely think it’s to do with the direct debit, previously it said direct debit on the 7th and now saying 10th.

@ryanthered welcome to the community :clap: and don’t worry about it resulting in a missed payment. Something similar happened last month when the bill was due by the 7th and direct debit being taken on the 8th.

Direct debit is a new feature and I think Tymit has just changed the collection date causing this issue but it’s not anything to worry yourself about at all.

@Oisin are you already aware of this issue?

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Thanks for letting me know, @Billy . Let me run this by the team :+1:

Thanks for looking into this @Oisin

Also I’ve had an idea that solves all the android app issues completely, it’s simply genius. Why not send all android users a brand new iPhone :laughing: let me know what you think :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: