Assistance needed


Not sure if anyone here can help me or tag someone here who can.

I left Tymit early this year, but decided to comeback and give it another go.
My application was approved for Booster and I got an email telling me to click it to confirm I still wanted a card.

I opened the email on another device, this has caused my app to not update and now is stuck on "we need more time to review your application " even though I’ve been accepted.

I emailed customer service days ago, no response.

My card has been sent the email says.

I’ve tried deleting the app, signing back in and the same message greets me.
I have attempted to click the link again but guess its a one time use and does nothing.

Unless this is resolved in the next few days I be closing the card again, this is one reason I left last time due to issues which took weeks to resolve at a time, it’s not acceptable.

If anyone can tag someone so I can get onto my app I’d be grateful to you.


@Fedi are you able to help

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Hi @KWS and thank you for raising this issue here, really sorry to hear about it!

I’d like to apologise for not being able to respond earlier due to being on annual leave but I’m back and happy to look into this for you! :blush:

I’ve sent you a direct message requesting some more information so I can find your account and investigate what happened here.

I look forward to hearing from you and get this fixed for you! :pray:

thank you for tagging me @dudesuper1982, really appreciate it! :slightly_smiling_face:

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