ATM does not recognise card

Got my card in the post, trialed the temporary card number with Google pay whole it was in the post and worked a treat, paid the money straight back to test the mechanisms and all looking very impressive

My card arrived in the post, I’ve activated it on the app, I went to do a balance enquiry on an ATM as this will normally activate a card however both ATMs I tried gave me a message saying they couldn’t read the chip, am I missing something here?

If i remember correctly , the check balance option doesn’t work with tymit ?

Usually once you change the pin in app you go to an atm and click the balance check this is plainly to update the new pin onto your card for offline transactions. Even though the balance check fails.

If you try a cash withdrawal that should work okay ?

Thanks Aaron,

The card only arrived yesterday and only took a day so my suspicion is that it wasn’t activated until later today

It didn’t recognise the card at all on 2 Natwest machines and one of those expensive payzone ones this morning (was about 7am) but sure enough I tried it in a Barclays machine this afternoon and it finally recognised it and worked with the new pin Id set on the app

Balance check doesn’t work on the ATM but if that’s normal then im happy, I never take out cash from an ATM on credit card on principle although I believe theres no additional transaction fee with this right?

Last question, I’ve not used the card to pay for anything yet (just via Google pay to test it) will I need to make the token £5 purchase for it to properly activate the contactless like it says in the welcome pack or does it just want the pin entering physically like I’ve done in the ATM today?

Tommy ,

Glad you got it sorted.

If i remember correctly Tymit allow you £200 cash interest free. I haven’t yet however used this option up to now so dont quote me on it.

I am unsure about the contactless set up as its been a while since i set it up. If i was you I would make a chip and pin transaction as per the welcome pack suggests and take it from there.

Tymit do not allow £200 interest free, but rather fee free. You can withdraw up to £200 without being charged cash advanced fees or it being reported as cash usage to the Credit Reference Agency Experian.

It’s designed for emergency or convenience so usage of this feature is monitored to avoid abuse.

You will pay interest on the £200 according to the plan you select for that transaction. E.g. for normal Tymit if planning the withdrawal over longer than 3 months.

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Thanks for jumping in on this to clear it up. I wasn’t sure how they worked the cash at atm stuff as i have never used the feature.

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