Automatic credit limit increases

I’d been toying with the idea of asking for a credit limit increase because I’d heard they were starting to be amenable to requests.

But before I managed to get around to it, I got an email from them offering me an increase. This seems to be a fairly major policy shift for Tymit.

My new credit limit is an increase of over a grand but still relatively measly. Still over £2K shy of my next lowest limit.

Still, nice to feel to feel recognised, I guess.


I asked for an increase a few months ago as i wished to make a larger purchase and received a response within a few days and corresponding increase shortly after. I like you have just had a notification that an automatic increase will be applied. Which makes my overall limit much more convenient.

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Can I increase my limit

Hi @chake54, absolutely love this! :blue_heart:
Thanks for sharing

Hi @Bilal, you can certainly check if you’re eligible. Feel free to message customer support in-app, send an email or message them via live chat. If you need a help, feel free to reach out to me via private message too :blush: