Available to Spend not updated after Direct Debit collected

Tymit collected Direct Debits yesterday 7 Feb 2023 (For the January bill payment the amount due and collected is shown in the Android App as “Bank transfer” £xxx.xx on 7 Feb).

The collected payment has been reflected in “Total balance”.

The “Available to spend” figure however has not been updated to reflect the payment received.

Available to spend should equal, Credit Limit less total Balance less any authorisations given. However it diffecs by the amount of the Direct debit payment and is less than it should be by the amount of the Direct debit that Tymit have clearly successfully collected and received.

Given that we are now at 8 February, and we have passed the point where the Direct Debit payment could be recalled by the paying Bank, Tymit should have updated the “Available to Spend” amount to reflect the correct amount of available credit.

This would appear to be a serious error potentially affecting authorisations and spending. Transactions could be wrongly declined.

This needs an urgent fix please.


Well “Available to spend” was updated a few hours after I posted this.

Not sure if that was a result of my post or the fact that the process is naturally very slow.

Meaningful credit limits, that realistically cover normal monthly spend, would avoid having to worry about this of course. :frowning: