Bad customer service

I have a tymit booster account

Today, April 7th , 419£ was deducted from my Loyds bank account

And March 7th , the amount of 8.5£

It has been deducted directly from my LLOYD’S bank account

Considering that my account is a booster ,I have deposited money in my booster account for some purchases in advance .I do not owe any money to Timit Company ! So why was this money withdrawn from my account?

It should be noted that these amounts are not displayed in the application as a balance and only show the amount that I have deposited.

After 2days support team didn’t reply My request

You add money to booster to unlock a credit limit and then works as a normal credit card and once you have paid off the amount owed if you want to you can withdraw your deposit again and your credit limit would be lower

I dont understand a little confusing :confused:
I add money 835£ in 2 month and spet 570£ for bills , now my balance is 264£!!!
deducted 420£ with direct debit but it doesn’t show in my balance

Your direct debit payment shows in the previous months which is a little confusing but will be there should clear today at some point and your available credit will go up

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I checked now i can’t withdraw my money
I can just withdraw money that add manually (deposit)
This is booster like debit card if i dont have money i can’t spent!!! , how can i cancel my tymit contract and refund my money? Because support didn’t answer

Booster is not a prepaid debit card it’s for building a positive credit history and improving your credit score.

Your deposit = your credit limit (it’s used as security)

You can spend the same amount as you deposit but you need to pay back what you are spending via monthly payments to prove you can use credit responsibly.

Is sounds like you have not read how booster works and the purpose of it and just went ahead and applied under the incorrect assumption it’s a pre paid debit card.

Please use due diligence and do your research when applying for financial products would be the best advice I could offer.

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Thank you for your explanation , my information maybe incomplete but when customer service didn’t answer or sent form automatically without editing … what should I do???

I agree customer service response times could be better but perhaps if customers understood the product they were signing up for prior to entering into a legally binding agreement then maybe they would have less of a workload that would in turn reduce response times for everyone else.

Do you feel the product was not adequately explained on the website? Was it misleading in any way? Could Tymit do a better job of explaining the product?

If so please submit your feedback to Tymit so they can identify any areas for improvement.

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