Balance Transfer Query

After attempting a balance transfer, this cannot be completed because Tymit is considered a debit card. I’m pretty disappointed with this. So now I’m stuck with it and cannot complete the balance transfer.

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456983 is indeed a Debit Visa! :frowning:

Which is odd considering two PDQ transactions that my card has been used for have come up with ‘Visa Credit’ so a bit odd…

Have you messaged tymit in chat? And what did they say?

This doesn’t sound right at all

No response. It is the weekend though. However after speaking to some other people, Tymit is more like a store card than a credit card. It’s no drama, I have a money transfer offer, so I’ll just clear the Tymit balance using that. Pretty disappointing that a product that presents itself as a credit card, isn’t actually so.

When you do a BIN search …

Hi all,

Just to clarify that Tymit runs on a Visa credit bin (not debit). It is fully a credit card as far as the Visa card scheme is concerned. As you probably know already, we have changed the lending model on the card so it works purely in instalments and not using revolving credit like other credit cards. However this change takes effect on our systems only, in the way we calculate interest/balances and service your account. On Visa systems, the Tymit card is a credit card like any other.

Whenever you get a chance to use the card at a physical store, check the terminal and you’ll notice it being recognised as a Visa credit card (hence the “CREDIT” distinction printed below the Visa logo on the card).

@jonR I’m not sure where that data you shared is coming from, but I can assure you it doesn’t match our BIN.

Hope this clarifies it!


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Doesn’t really clarify it when other card issuers can not recognise it as a credit card for balance transfer purposes.

We are not supporting balance transfers for the moment. Its possible your attempt is related to that, and not to the nature of the card.

We will be offering balance transfers in the future. Currently we are working on figuring out how they would work on Tymit and what the commercial offer would be. There are many cards out there that offer 0% APR on balance transfers BUT this promotion expires and ridiculous interest rates kick in, in the hope that people forget to (or just cant) cancel/move it and it then generates income to make up for the free offer. We don’t like that, its not aligned with our values of transparency and control. So we are still trying to figure out how we will approach balance transfers.


My issue is I cannot balance transfer because the card you issue flags up as a debit card, so my other provider cannot transfer the balance to Tymit.

Please get in touch with customer service at:

I gave them the heads up, they can potentially explore a way to do it manually if possible.

If you can please also let customer support know the source you are using that flags us as Debit I’d appreciate it. We’d like to let them know their data is incorrect.


Sent an email. I’ve got a workaround for the time being in the form of the cash advance offer I have. It’s not ideal, but even accounting for the 4% transfer fee, it still outweighs the interest payable on Tymit’s 12 month rate. Thanks for helping.

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As a note on card being recognised as a debit card, I had this same issue with Enterprise Car Club. They could not recognise the card as a credit card and would not accept it as such.

Hi Team
Why has this not be sorted yet? Tymit is locking consumers into staying on their product by only allowing balances to be paid off by bank transfer. I have found out today I cannot do a balance transfer to move my balance to another card, and the only option available to me is a money transfer which most credit cards charge +30% APR on that amount plus a fee. How can this be resolved? In addition this is NOT documented anywhere as part of the application process or on the site except for this one article?

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Hi @jjrobins14 welcome to the community.

There’s no obligation for Tymit to allow direct credit payments to account, or to document this on their site.

You may wish to see if your other card provider allows you to transfer money to a bank account and make the payment manually.

As this is a community forum, you’d be better to contact to see if they can help directly.

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I’m having the same issue transferring Tymit balance, because they’ve increased the interest rate, over to Lloyds zero interest card. Apparently it’s not possible! Disappointed.

Since you’ve increased the Tymit interest rate the opportunity to transfer to a zero interest rate card, in my case for 36 months, is even more important. I feel locked in and somewhat cheated. Please sort this out! Thank you

Continuing the discussion from Balance Transfer Query:

I’m having the same issue transferring Tymit balance, because you’ve increased the interest rate, over to Lloyds zero interest card. Apparently it’s not possible!

As for “not aligning with your values” - that’s irrelevant given your recent interest hike. Disappointed.