Bank Account Name not recognised

New to Tymit and like what I have seen so far. Tried a test purchase and all went through okay on the virtual card.

Thought I would try the paying off as well just to test it. I have Starling and when I went to load the bank details it cannot verify the name on the account.

I proceeded and the money arrived instantly when I added my reference so all good but was wondering why this is happening and whether it will be fixed in future.

Hi @jojingles welcome to the community. Yes this is something they are aware of and arose due to a change of payment provider. It should be resolved in due course but perfectly safe to ignore the payee name not matched for the time being.


I had a similar issue with mine on Monzo. However I set it to “Tymit Limited” and it verified it okay

When it saved the payee it saved it as Modulr Fs Limited Account for some reason but it’s nothing to worry about :sweat_smile:

Modular Fs is the automated payment flow provider so I think it’s for them to fix not Tymit

Great news!! I’m new to Tymit too and was very excite to give it a go… but when I came to pay from my Starling Account, it said it recognised the Beneficiary Name as Modulr FS and not Tymit Limited - and then I was stuck wondering whether I should type Tymit Limited or Modulr FS. After some digging, I came across this site (thanks!) and found this thread!

I too have sent some messages on the app (on 9th) but haven’t had a response. With Starling Chat is more or less instant (it tells you if you are in a queue) and so as Chat in Tymit doesn’t (yet) appear to be any better than simply sending an email - I might just try that method and hope to get a response in due course.


Hi @The_Elk welcome to the community :clap:

Support are a bit slow at the moment but if it’s anything not account specific feel free to ask on here and we will help if we can.

Hi Billy

Thank you, that is great! Just opened my app to check how much I have to pay (1st of 3 split payments) and the payments and spend amount seem to be jumping up and down the screen - and I have 3 payments that have simply duplicated themselves so now I don’t know how much I actually owe! It’s a little worrying and I’m beginning to just want to to pay off everything in full and leave the card alone until things settle down a bit

Yes it can take a bit of getting used to when looking at the transaction feed, sometimes a transaction will show for the month then also show in recent activity making it look like a duplicate.

Are the totals correct with what you expect or have you actually been charged twice?

Are you sure it’s not payment 1 of 3 then 2 of 3 making it look like a duplicate.

Also if you are on Android and have any purchases you have not set a plan for yet the app becomes very glitchy until you have chose a plan for each purchase.