Bank account not recognised

Hello all,

I have been trying to pay my bill but the account details provided in the app to make the payment according to HSBC don’t exist so I am unable to make payment can anyone else confirm this is the account details they are using to make payments I have tried paying it from my Santander account and my fiancé’s HSBC account neither are working and as I said HSBC said this account doesn’t exist !!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Yes those details are correct the only thing is the account name won’t match as it’s goes through tab intermediary

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The beneficiary is not recognised as Tymit
It’s Modulat FS something if I remember because of who Tymit use as the payment processor. As long as you use the account details in the app you should be ok

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Just to add to this. I was the same the first time. I would suggest you make a £1 payment with your reference.

You should see it instantly be received and so give you the confidence you need.


Thanks for all your replies so if I’m reading this correctly I can’t put the account name as tymt it like it says in the app I have to put it down as the modulat FS or whatever you guys said that sounds rather odd why wouldn’t they state that in the app

If you just put Tymit as the payee, It WILL fail the name verification and depending on your bank it might tell you the account belongs to Modular FS

Just bypass the name verification and send the payment anyway. It’s a well known issue that has been around a while.

As @jojingles suggests why not send a small trial payment first so you can be confident everything is in order.

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Just thinking and @Jamesj015 did you not say you managed to get it to match as Tymit Limited on one account. That might be worth a go.

I think so, my memory is pretty bad let me check

Edit: Yes I did

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Starling does now show the name is Tymit when doing a check on both the bills and deposit account for booster


It worked when I named it as modular FS thanks guys

This is stupid tho that the app tells you one thing and it’s something completely different

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It’s just because of the third party payment processor that deals with the payments. Thanks to Modular FS they can update your balance instantly in the app.

I think they can change it im not sure. When payee verification came in to play it was never really for businesses but rather consumer to consumer faster payments to prevent scams. Businesses got the short end of the stick :slight_smile:

Just like this. They use GoCardless for direct debits. My company also use GoCardless for direct debits :slight_smile:

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