Bill Payment Problem

So far I am enjoying the Tymit card in terms of making card payments.

However there is one problem I am experiencing with your Bill Payment system.

When paying the Tymit bill the system is not allocating the payment to the bill.

So I am getting annoying reminders by email to pay the bill.

I paid my latest bill on 26 May and the Bill due date was 7 June.

The payment is just sitting there on top of my Credit limit. However before making the bank transfer I selected the option to “pay bill.”

The payment should be in my list of transactions saying “Payment received” but it’s not there.

So the system has not recognised my bill payment as a payment towards my bill.

I have messaged customer service and waiting for a reply.

Hi welcome to the community.

If you are on booster maybe you have made the payment to your security deposit account rather than the account for sending your monthly payment to.

If your on standard Tymit then I can also confirm that I have nothing in the transaction feed to show payment received however my available credit has changed to reflect that the payment has been taken into account.

Billy you missed the part of what I said.

I said I selected “pay bill”

So I did not select to increase my my credit limit or security deposit.

However even though I selected pay bill the system has not paid the bill and the amount is showing on my security deposit.

So the system has made an error not me.

Ah sorry I’m not on booster so I’m not sure exactly what options you get I just know it’s two separate accounts for deposits and payments.

@Oisin or @mike.brozowski are you aware of any issues that could cause this?

Hi, can you double check there are two different account numbers displayed on your app, one for the security deposit one for the payment. Both should be different.


When I look at the Tymit app it does not display account numbers. It only shows the card number.

When selecting transfer money, then I select “pay bill” and then select payment method “local bank transfer”

It then shows Tymits bank details and reference number that I should include when making the payment.

I paid on 26 May by Faster Payment and the payment was just added to my security deposit.

Security Deposit:

Transfer Money > Add funds > Local UK bank transfer

Paying bills:

Transfer Money > Pay > Local UK bank transfer

Check if the account details are the same or different

The account numbers are different and I can see that I paid it to the account for adding funds.

However that is not the option I selected. I selected pay bill. So I don’t know how I was given the wrong account number when selecting pay bill.

Okay you can withdraw the same amount of cash you sent to pay your bill which went in the security deposit and then transfer again to the correct bank account which will then cover your bill payment.

Or Tymit can just transfer from Security Deposit to Bill. It’s their bank accounts.

I don’t think they would use your security deposit in that way unless account is in default.

Unbelievable instead of a proper reply from Customer Services I get a template reply.

Nothing indicates they even bothered to check my account for the payment I made on 26 May.

Actually they can transfer money from the security deposit to the bill. As they sent me an email saying don’t worry if by 25 June the payment is not made they will use the security deposit.

However I want them to transfer the money now. Rather then waiting until 25 June.

I am not in default as I paid the bill and they received the money by Faster Payment instantly on 26 May.

They just need to do the transfer.

Richard Cottington (Tymit)

11 Jun 2021, 10:07 BST


With your Booster card, there are two separate accounts you can pay into .

  • One is for depositing funds only. These funds are held in trust by us, in order to create the credit limit that you can see in the app. You only need to use this one when you’d like to increase or decrease your credit limit.

  • The second account is for paying your bill only . This account contains all of your purchases, and is the one you need to pay into each month.

The details for both of these accounts can be found in the app and I’ve attached a screenshot of where to find these to this email. You’ll need to:

  1. Select ‘Transfer Money’.
  2. Choose which option you need (‘Pay bill’ for paying your monthly bill is the one you should use every month).
  3. Choose whether international or Local UK bank transfer.
  4. Use the details provided to create your bank transfer through your mobile banking app.
  5. Make sure you use your unique reference to link your payment to your account.

Paying this month

To speed this up for you, I’ve included the details you need for paying your bill here:

It’s really important that you use the correct reference , otherwise we won’t be able to instantly connect your payment.

I hope this helps, and please let us know if you need anything else.


Richard Cottington
Customer Support Specialist

If it was me I would withdraw the money and pay it back into the correct account to resolve the issue.

You can still take it up with Tymit to find out why this happened but at least the bill will be paid. Tymit taking it from your security deposit is supposed to be a last resort in case you fail to pay.

Well I understand your point.

However for me I have a different take and believe that I should not have to pay the bill twice.

I am gonna leave it with them to transfer the money by 25 June.

In the meantime now I know they have two bank accounts which was not mentioned before, then I believe that they can improve the pay a bill option within the app.

Instead of having to click on transfer money there should be a pay bill button next to the transfer money button. So you can go straight to pay bill instead having to go through transfer money.

In fact there are notications underneath that says May bill is ready “Pay Now”

Clicking pay now takes you straight to the pay bill with the correct bank details to pay bill.

However because of other notifications it can scroll out of view.

If that button was next to transfer money then it would be much clearer and easier. Especially for new customers getting use to the Tymit app.

David Levy

That’s fair enough I also see your point of view and appreciate that you want Tymit to sort it themselves.

I’m not on booster so don’t experience the issue you describe above with it not being clear enough, I only have the pay bill option.

I’m sure your feedback on this will be useful to Tymit they are always asking for feedback on such issues.

Please let us know how you get on and if customer support manage to sort it out for you.

This is the screen you get when selecting the transfer option on booster.