Billing Address?

So, hello Tymit. Great to be here.

Sign up process - simple and effective. All good so far… incidentally a question, as card usage evolves and regular payments made etc. does my APR rate reduce (currently on 22.7%)?

Anyway that’s an aside. I’m having an issue with eBuyer. Made a purchase yesterday (the main reason for going down the Tymit route for the flexibility) and all good. Overnight I receive an email that my card registered address doesn’t match my address with eBuyer - it would seem you have an incorrect address for me, or have told eBuyer (for whatever reason) that they don’t match.

Trying to get a response, either by chat (!) or email doesn’t seem to be having any effect - in fact moving from the Tymit app to another app (iOS) actually closes the chat window down.

Can anyone from Tymit respond, or has anyone else had similar experiences?