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Hi. If I was to spend £100 on my Tymit card today would it be due between the 1st-7th or April or may as it’s past the 25th?

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I think if you did it tomorrow it wouldn’t be due till may but anything upto the 25th is due in April


Hi Danielle, and welcome to the club :smile:
If you want the extra month before paying, then wait till the 26th, as anything before will be due between 1-7th of the month following.


Hey @Danielle96 , welcome to the community :slightly_smiling_face:

@dudesuper1982 and @Sholao are right.

Everything you spend up to the 25th of the month will appear on that month’s bill.

So if you spent £100 on the 25th of March, it would be part of the March bill, which is due between 1st and 7th April.

Anything you spend after the 25th of the month shows up on the next month’s bill

So if I spent £100 today, 26th March, it would be on April’s bill, which is due between 1st and 7th of May.