Black Friday Tips

Hey, Tymit Community :wave:

November is finally here :calendar:

Which means we’re going to be hearing a lot about Black Friday :mega:

Help the community cut through the noise by sharing:

:zap: Any deals you think are too good to miss

:zap: Any tips and tricks

:zap: Any ideas for smarter spending using Tymit’s instalment features - are you going to make any savings by spreading your costs?

Just let us know below :point_down:

I often take advantage of Amazon’s 5 monthly payments especially for bigger purchases, unfortunately they don’t always have that option available. Tymit is now a decent alternative at 3 months interest free, which is great! :+1:

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Need to get me my iPhone Pro 12. Obviously the phone itself won’t be in Black Friday but I am hoping one of the mobile networks will have a reasonable deal that is backed by a decent network.

Have you considered Apple iPhone Payments? 20 months at 0% APR, then get a SIM only plan?

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I have but I’m not a fan of Barclay’s but am considering it.