Booster card contactless

Hi. Im new to tymit anyone tell me if the card is contactless.

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The full tymit account card is contactless , i would presume the booster card will be the same ?

Yes the card is contactless

Ah ok. Thanks for the help. Is tymit a good card to use?

So the booster card, i guess ill use exactly the same as a normal credit card. Can anyone let me know if the booster card and tymit are a good choice

I’ve had no problems with booster and nice to know the deposit is accessible in an emergency

Hello @Darren74 and welcome to Tymit.

I have a normal Tymit card and I love the feature that allows me to spread the cost of purchases for 3 months without interest.

For those that have the Booster card, apart from helping to build your credit history/score I guess the other good feature is you are not charged any interest on your purchases, just one flat monthly fee.

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The pin for my booster account, im guessing you need to activate the card first to reveal the pin. It says on card screen it is there, but nothing there, so presumably need to activate card first

Yes have to activate the card in app to be able to see the pin and then need to make a chip n pin purchase of at least £5 to activate contactless

Thanks mate, sorry to bother you, all new to me, really hope this account is good

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No worries happy to help

What’s the monthly fee on the booster, and what day of the month is it taken.


It’s £9.95 and taken on the 25th of the month when the bill is generated but they have said they maybe be changing this as I suggested it would be nice to see at the beginning of the billing period so you now your full monthly payment