Booster card declined help!

In the shop and my booster card with a limit of £1500 and gets declined! This is my personal money and you have declined my card causing great embarrassment and no support. I have £1100 of my money available and you have the audacity to do this!!!

There are many reasons a transaction could be declined and making multiple posts isn’t going to get you help any faster. Have you opened a ticket in app and did you get any sort of notification when the transaction was attempted

Hi @Surfuk - if you reach out to our support team they should be able to help you understand why it was declined. This sometimes happens for reasons out of our control (for example, in the case of contactless payments, sometimes they aren’t accepted if too many have been tried in a row)

I don’t know the exact specifics of your case but we should be able to get you an answer through support




Payments can be declined because the request for authentication times out, they can be declined for potential fraud reasons etc. I have had it many times for inexplicable reasons at the time (usually becomes clear later when it is refused for potential fraud as the card company contacts you). It is a computer saying “no” not a person and there are many points in the chain that that decline can come from.