Booster Saving Pot

It is a really nice touch to show the security deposit as SAVING in the app.

It gives the user some extra sense of security and protection.

If Tymit can crack quicker customer service actions, I think that it will be one of the leading credit card providers in the UK.

True, however not only that also they need to reduce monthly fees or remove it entirely as well as commitment to move booster users to regular tymit in a timeframe, as well as report to other credit reference agencies, work on the app should be a priority too

£10 for booster is very reasonable :slight_smile:

Would you state why?

Because you are getting a service :slight_smile: It is glitchy with reporting to Experian but hopefully it will get better one day.

I wouldn’t be willing to pay that, luckily I don’t, but a lot of people are which is why Tymit booster seems to be taking off.

I do think they need to speed up reporting to the other CRA’s especially for their customers looking to boost their credit.

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The only reason I’m staying with Tymit is for the 3 month split at 0% interest, and considering tymit my first credit card Other than that there’s nothing making me stay at this point as there’s little to no incentive as a customer to stay. I already acquired 3 credit card all thanks to a combination of Loqbox and tymit, they all use all the 3 cra and free downside is higher apr.

If Tymit keep going this way they do other credit card companies will easily take over and Tymit will be no different and customers will move to other providers due to other providers offering guaranteed unsecured credit, , statements, reporting, free and more features.

And don’t pay any interest whatsoever