Booster transferred money incorrectly

Hi all

I’ve used the account for settling payments to transfer money instead of the one to top up my credit limit on my booster and now it’s just sat there. Anything I can do to move it? I raised a ticket in the app and it’s now disappeared?

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Hi there is a known problem with tickets not being shown in the app so as long as you got confirmation they will reply in due course

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Hi, @Cakey87 like @dudesuper1982 said it’s a known issue with tickets disappearing. As long as you received the email confirmation about the ticket being submitted you will get a reply.

Regarding the money being paid into the wrong account you will need to request a refund then credit the correct account. I may be wrong but I don’t think Tymit can do this from their end.

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Tickets have never showed in the app! :wink:

They show for me @MuppetDave

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hey everyone, we should have an update for you soon on the issue with the tickets not displaying for some users.

@dudesuper1982 is right though - as long you as have the confirmation email, we’ve gotten it and will be in touch.