Booster upgrade

Just found out there is no possibilities to upgrade tymit booster to credit

How did you find this out?

When it looks like am Approaching a year with good credit on time payment, Paid off Loqbox I needed a card for my travel I observed am able to get good credit cards because my My credit history has improved significantly.
So asked tymit for a swap to credit support made it clear they do not have the means but my interest has been registered. I have considered as soon as direct get taken and I will clear the rest and end relationship

That’s a shame @Olatunde1 I thought the whole purpose of booster was to improve your score then move you to regular Tymit.

I remember reading that they would refund your deposit automatically when they change you over so assumed they had the whole process sorted.

I wonder if anyone from Tymit are able to confirm things in case you have been misinformed by the advisor. @Oisin are you able to shed some light on this please?

Exactly my thoughts too, made enquiry about that twice they confirmed after 6 months you will get a reviewed am in month 11 only to be told stories.
I can understand last year when I needed to use Loqbox then tymit but now that I have positive history and free cards nahh

Tymit was favourite

Did they say you don’t qualify at the moment but would review again after a period of time.

Seems odd Tymit would say they have no way to change you from booster to standard, In my understanding it’s what booster was designed for.

Don’t know exact dates but I’m sure booster will be coming up for 12 months since launch, perhaps they haven’t quite ironed out the details of how to do it quite yet.

I mean that wouldn’t surprise me all that much, sometimes I think Tymit should rebrand and call it mañana :joy: would both tie in nicely with the buy now pay later theme and their way of working :thinking:


I will think of a nice name

That’s frustrating then but at least they are being honest about it, not that it helps you right now but still it’s something.

When they pitched it at the start it all sounded seamless, pay your fee, manage the account correctly, improve your credit score, receive a refund of deposit and move to a standard account.

Sounds simple to me and I’m not really sure why it isn’t that simple for Tymit.

You paid your fees, managed the account, improved your score and done everything required of you but Tymit cannot hold there end of the bargain.

It’s not free you pay for it, so considering you kept your end of the bargain and now quality for regular Tymit (and other cards) of course what happens now?

Do they still charge you a monthly fee because they can’t figure things out, or do they waive the fee until they sort things out at their end?

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I managed to 3 credit cards last year, Looks like I wasn’t charged this month


Just found out there is no possibilities to upgrade tymit booster to credit

Haha! I ordered Booster but they’ve sent me Credit.
Let’s swap cards :smiley: I’ll send you my Tymit Credit, you send me your Tymit Booster.

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Quite funny, I would happily take it if it was in my name lol