Booster User Feedback

:mega: Calling all Booster users :mega:

We want YOUR feedback!

The Product team is doing user interviews and they want to hear your thoughts about Booster.

It should only take ~25 minutes and, as a thank you, we’ll send you a £20 Amazon voucher! :money_mouth_face:


You can sign up and :point_right: pick a slot here :point_left:

Help us build Booster! :rocket:


Already signed up for a call tomorrow!!

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Signed up for a call on Monday. Really happy to give any feedback I can on this as I think it’s a great product and will make a real difference longterm for people who struggle to get accepted for regular credit cards.

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Thanks @dudesuper1982 ! :pray:

Any more takers? :smiley:


Had a friendly chat with the team nice people to chat to and really take an interest in what you have to say as a user of the product

Awesome. Now what will you spend your Amazon gift card on @dudesuper1982?

Anyone else interested?

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Haven’t thought about what I will purchase with it yet lol :joy:

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Just booked my call for Monday. Iv literally only just got my card, and plan on start using it next month around the 1st. Hope I will still be useful


@Oisin Can a mod please merge all the random Booster threads into one place if thats possible to keep everything clean and visible for the Booster Development Team

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