Booster User Research - get involved

Hi Booster users :wave:

Our friendly product design team is on the look out for volunteers to take part in some user research.

Are you…

:white_check_mark: A Booster user
:white_check_mark: Interested in helping us make Booster even better
:white_check_mark: Happy to do surveys, 1-to-1 interviews or remote testing

Then sign up here :point_right: Take part in Tymit Booster User Research :point_left: and get involved!


Have filled it out to do the remote user testing

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Definitely getting involved with this.

There’s a lot of constructive criticism to make as a booster user in my opinion.

Hopefully it’ll be Rafael again. He’s brilliant to talk to. :+1:

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Hi,what do I get out of this for helping you to do this survey…There must be some kind of reward…