Booster verification

I am not impressed with the way my Booster is being handled.
I applied for Booster and was approved and a card sent out and received. After contemplating like a week I decided to add money to my booster card and was impressed as I got app verification immediately that my money has been received and my balance indicated also.
Then I tried to log into the app to see how things look and was immediately logged out. I thought the app just crashed and tried to log in again. I use face recognition on my iPhone. Then I discovered that I had to go through registration again and had to add a verification and identity document and selfie.
After doing all these, the app asked for my account and sort code which I add. Then the app is showing “We need more time to review your application”, that is after collecting my money and badgering me all along to add money to my card. I am closing this as soon as I got my money back.
What a waste of time on top of the fact that I will be paying to spend my own money every month.
I thought all verification should have been done before a card is sent out.

Sounds like you have gone thought the options to signup for a card and not login option in the account but should of errored when you put your phone number in I’m sure @mike.brozowski could help with the issue

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I had the app up and running before and was surprised I had to go through all this verification stuff again.
Why send me a card if no verification has been done? cart before the horse.
Thx for pointing this out.

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Hi @oydan2 Welcome to the community, we have a few booster users on here, and this is the 1st time we have heard of someone being sent a card and then asked to verify identity after!

While not an excuse, the booster product is new and there may be a few issues that still need to be ironed out. Hopefully if you persist you will be able to enjoy your card very soon.

Hopefully one of the staff @mike.brozowski or @Oisin will assist with getting you sorted.

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Hi @oydan2 , sorry to hear about the trouble with your Booster account.

I’m going to pass this one on to the team to look into. I’ll DM you if I need any more details.

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Thank you for the welcome