Bulk Replan Spends

Apologies if this has been mentioned already, I couldn’t find it. I’d love to be able to replan specific spends in bulk.

I can think of two use cases: a) extra money available to pay down the balance (my current scenario) or b) abruptly not having enough and needing to spread it out en masse.

I’ve just spent ten minutes going into spends one by one and replanting them to 1 month to pay them off where they had been planned for 3 or more, and it’s made more difficult by being taken back to the top of the feed each time - not to mention that it doesn’t update the feed lines immediately! It would just be lovely to be able to bulk select and replan in one go…

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Hi @katvoira and welcome to the community. Can you confirm if you are using the Android or IOS app.

I believe the option called Bundle is available in IOS (I’m on Android) and to use it, from the feed, if you swipe each transaction to the right you can bundle the tractions together and then add a plan.

Our IOS app users should be able to confirm this. Unfortunately this is not currently available in the Android app yet.

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Unfortunately not available on iOS as I can see all I get when swiping on a transaction is to view it

I’m on Android - I didn’t realise the apps were different feature wise. Thanks for the detail!

I always remembered when Tymit was first announced there wa a “Bundle” feature where you can group together transactions, however never saw the option in IOS or Android?

I though the Bundle feature as mentioned on the Tymit website was available to IOS. @Oisin or @mike.brozowski are you able to advise on this?


Have just found out how to do it have to press on a transaction and hold it then drag it onto another transaction to create a bundle

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Good man @dudesuper1982 definitely an IOS feature as that does nothing on Android. I guess we have to wait some more.

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I never knew that. Bruh. They need to add a tutorial in the app lol :joy:


I only found it by playing around!!

This was covered back in February 2020 along with a step by step demo;

@Jamesj015 @dudesuper1982 , we’re working on promoting the bundling feature better. Big changes coming to the design soon, as you know, so it’ll be part of that refresh :slightly_smiling_face:


@Oisin do you need a beta tester for the new layout? :face_with_hand_over_mouth::thinking:

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@dudesuper1982 not sure about that one yet, but i’ll be posting shortly about a call for volunteers for research in general, so get in there early and… who knows? :wink:


Will keep an eye out for the post!