Bundling charges

Literally noticed today that this doesn’t work on the iPhone TestFlight app. Guess it’s been mia for ages and I’ve only just noticed. Can’t say it was a feature I used much, but having seen a thread that @Lisa and @Martin were on I can see a use.

If you could make overpayments to a certain payment plan for a purchase then this could integrate nicely with bundling. i.e. You go on holiday, bundle your charges and plan them all to three months, then decide to make ad hoc overpayments to pay the bundle off sooner without your extra payments being allocated to the bill as a whole.

Not sure if this use case would be valuable enough to warrant the development time but it would make bundling payments more useful and add a bit more flexibility.

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Mate they couldn’t even be bothered rolling out bundling transactions to android so doubt that kind of development would be in the works.

Don’t want to sound negative but the test flight has been a disappointment so far for me but maybe I was expecting too much, even having to just open the app once to see my account would be nice instead of having to open, close then open again just to get it to work.

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Are you on Android still? The Android app was shocking but since I returned to iPhone last year the app has been more reliable. The first version of the iPhone TestFlight app was very slow but I’ve found it less dreadful recently.

Yeah still on Android, I like my pixel phones pair up nicely with the pixelbook. I was hoping to see more improvements with the Android app but unfortunately not.

Account wise I can’t complain and Tymit has been a good card but it just feels like the Android app has been forgotten about.

It’s been months since I used it but I can’t disagree. There are two phone platforms, how feature and experience parity isn’t a priority is beyond me. Presumably there aren’t many Android users working for Tymit?

@thisisntwhatiwanted Bundling will be making a comeback! The feature was disabled for iOS users while the Product team works on a new and improved version. We’ll keep you posted on the launch date.

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Will the comeback also see this feature available on Android or does the development team still not want to make improvements to the Android app?

New update says bundles are back

I love how they leave a message there that shouldn’t be displayed but at least you got an update.

I’ll keep a eye on the play store for the Android update :thinking: :joy: :joy:


:eyes: We like to have fun with our release notes sometimes :sweat_smile:

@Billy Android is currently in the loving hands of our QA team so it should be out within 2 weeks, at the latest! :muscle:


Will keep an eye out for that @Pipo would be good to see some improvements with the Android app.